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Responsive Web Design - at no extra cost!

All websites we build (since 2013) here at have responsive layout as standard. We do not charge extra for building the sites responsive. It is simply a web design technology we use, Google recommends and users prefer.

What is Responsive Design?

Responsive web design is the new approach to building websites. It’s about designing a website to be user friendly and aesthetically pleasing across a wide range of devices. The website structure uses a fluid layout that adapts to the screen size of the device is being viewed on. Meaning that you don't need a mobile site any more.

Why Responsive Website?

Responsive Design is no longer a trend, it's now a requirement. Internet users are increasingly using their smart-phones to browse the net. If your potential customers cannot view your website content properly they have no reason to stay on your website, or to come back to it. By having a responsive website, you are in fact protecting your investment.

Why use Vertical Marketing?

Responsive design as standard
Expert advice
All budgets catered for
No obligation quote

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Benefits of Responsive Design

Works on all devices
Google recommends this method
Cheaper to maintain
Advantage on competitors

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